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Jon Baker and Frank Ponch Poncherello have just joined the California Highway Patrol (CHP) in Los Angeles, but for very different reasons. Baker is a beaten-up former pro motorbiker trying to put his life and marriage back together. Poncherello is a cocky undercover Federal agent investigating a multi-million dollar heist that may be an inside job - inside the CHP.

The inexperienced rookie and the hardened pro are teamed together, but clash more than click, so kick-starting a real partnership is easier said than done. But with Baker's unique bike skills and Ponch's street savvy it might just work - if they don't drive each other crazy first.


Comedy , Action/Adventure
1 hr. 41 min.
March 24th, 2017


Dax Shepard, Michael Peña, Kristen Bell, Rosa Salazar


Dax Shepard


Dax Shepard

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